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Are You Looking For Something New In 2019? READ THIS FIRST!!

I’m very sure your intentions were sincere: to provide for your family all the
things YOU never had, to spend more quality time with them, and to help others like
yourself grow & prosper and live the American Dream.

And remember what happened next…?

You were “leveraged” You were lied to.

The Good Old Heavy Hitters used you for batting

You got thrown in the muck, untrained, unprepared.

Your checking account
was drained. Your credit cards were maxed out.

Friends & relatives
screened your phone calls.

Then you looked in the mirror and called yourself, “Loser!”
I know, I know.

It started because you want the same things I wanted.
You want to be your own boss, answer to no one … and earn a good living doing

You want to go where you want when you want. You want to spend $200 on
dinner without batting an eye.

You want precious time NOW with those you love. You want the money & freedom
to take a day off – or 2 weeks off – and maybe fly to some faraway island
on a whim.

You want to work and socialize with people you like & admire, who share your
outlook on life and your goals.

You want the self-satisfaction of achieving your
goals, and the self-fulfillment of helping others reach theirs. You want financial

Now Just Remember This!!

Network marketing is a teaching & mentoring business. If you study vitamins,
or long-distance switches, or the age of the monk in the white lab coat
that scraped the mold off the rock on the full moon twice a year … or ANY product
or service … you’re wasting your time.

Your product is people. So study people. Find out how you can help
them reach their dreams. 🙂

THEIR dreams. Not your dreams.
People join people.

They don’t join companies.

People don’t care that the president
of your company is a family man and has 3 or 4 families to prove it.
Build people.

People will build the business.
When you build people, your retention rate goes through the roof!

Companies say, “We Keep 93% of Our People!”
They lie.

True Story For You:

There was a phone company a few years back that had to publicize their
retention rate, because they were publicly traded.

Take a guess. Out of every 100 people they signed up, how many were still in
the business a year later?

50%? HAH!

25%? As they say in the Hertz commercial, “Not exactly!”
10%? You’re getting warm …

The public record showed 6% to 7% retention. That’s not 67% … it’s 6
to 7% retention.

So you build your business for a year, you buy advertising,
you do 3-way calls, you go to meetings, you talk to all your friends & relatives,
and you wind up recruiting 100 people! Yippee! You’re almost rich.
Well, not exactly. Why?

Because what you have left is 6 to 7 people out of 100
(!) still building the business.
Oops … wait … that’s not all you’ve got.

You also have smashed dreams,
maxed-out credit cards, and probably a LARGE bunch of people who hide when
they see you coming…


Nothing drives me crazier seeing good folks never getting anywhere!! Thanks again for reading and I sure hope this helps you make a decision to change your ways today!!

Now it’s up to you! 

If you need help all always be here to help anyone that just needs help!! And God knows there is a ton of us out here!! Don’t be shy they are the ones that end up broke!!

Live Long And Prosper My Friends!!

Now Let’s Rock This Joint Together!!!

Jedediah D Bennett

P.S… Whatever you do in network marketing it must be duplicatable for the
masses.  Because 6 to 7% retention is not smart business…

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Looking For Something New In 2019? READ THIS FIRST!!