Welcome To Jedediah’s Epic Entrepreneurial Program!

Welcome To Jedediah’s Epic Entrepreneurial Program!

Welcome To Jedediah’s Epic Entrepreneurial Program!


Remember Having Some One To Mentor You is Always Better Than Trying To Do It Yourself…

Get A Mentor ASAP!!


Jedediah D Bennett

EPIC Benefits To YOU:

  • Discover how to become an EPIC entrepreneur
  • Discover the POWER of your own WordPress Blog
  • Discover the POWER of your own WooCommerce eShop
  • Discover how to install & setup WordPress Blog of your own
  • Discover how to install & setup WooCommerce eShop of your own
  • Discover the BEST plugins to make your websites a brilliant user experience
  • Discover everything you’ll need to know about Social Media Marketing
  • Discover the RIGHT places for successful marketing & sales
  • Discover the BEST products & services to suit your visitors & their needs.

Learning Outcome:

Complete this LIVE ongoing course to create & use your own WordPress Blog for the world to see both YOU & YOUR BRAND.

In this on-going EPIC Entrepreneurial Program & Masterclasses, we teach all of the POWER NINJA tricks that are used by many PROfessional Network marketers that give them the edge over the marketing competition. 

Introducing Branding

  • Discovering BOTH Hands – What’s In Your Hands NOW
  • Your Personal Branding Friend Is Your Left Hand
  • Your Commercial Branding Friend Is Your Right Hand
  • Use Both Hands – Multiply your success with personal & commercial branding
  • What Happens When You Use Personal & Commercial branding
  • How to become Captain of your own ship with your own websites
  • How to become Master of your own horizon with everything under one roof – YOURS


Discover WordPress & WooCommerce with Jedediah's EPIC Entrepreneurial Program
WordPress POWER Builder Basics

  • Introducing the POWER of WordPress
  • Installing WordPress & Themes
  • Installing Basic Necessary WordPress Plugins
  • Preparing Your Blog For Full Flight
  • Adding Your First Landing Page
  • Comments, Questions & Answers

WordPress POWER Advanced

  • Introducing Your WordPress Site To The World
  • Styling Your Brand With WordPress
  • Advanced Menu Capabilities
  • Driving Visitors To Your WordPress Site
  • Comments, Questions & Answers

WooCommerce POWER Beginner Basics

  • Introducing the selling POWER of your own WooCommerce Online Shop
  • Installing WooCommerce & Extra Plugins To Give Your Online Shop Zazzle
  • Choosing & Installing A Snazzy WooCommerce Theme
  • Preparing Your Online Shop For Full Flight
  • Adding Your First WooCommerce Products

WooCommerce POWER Advanced

  • Introducing Your WooCommerce Online Shop To The World
  • WooCommerce Online ShopBrand Ready Styling
  • Advanced Menu Capabilities For A Brilliant User Experience
  • Driving Shoppers To Your New WooCommerce Store

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Welcome To Jedediah’s Epic Entrepreneurial Program!

P.S… If This All Seems Like A Lot <Don’t Worry> We Only Teach As Much As You Want Or Need, & We Have An Amazing Way Of Keeping It Simple And Easy! Thanks For Coming And I hope To See You There 🙂

Now, Who’s Ready To Rock There New WordPress Site!!  Jedediah D. Bennett

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