The Top 10 Work At Home Business Opportunity Scams #6

6. Vending Machines

Here is an example of how this type of scam is promoted.

Vending Machine ScamDVD rentals accounted for a majority of the industries income last year. Enter the entertainment industry with The Box Office Express- your sneak preview to financial freedom.

American Entertainment Distributors, Inc. (AED) was established in the millennium year of 2000 and has been involved in many different aspects of the entertainment industry since its inception.

AED has developed a revolutionary new business offering that will change the way America rents and purchases home entertainment (DVD/VHS and video games). It’s called ‘Box Office Express’.

This recently engineered state-of-the-art machine will bring the entertainment industry right to the consumer’s doorstep!

We are currently building a nationwide distribution network of responsible individuals to operate their own business in the 50 billion dollars a year movie and game industry. Our company has committed itself to develop this unique opportunity and is eager to provide the means for all of our distributors to exceed their financial goals. 


At American Entertainment Distributors, Inc. our goal is to build a long-term relationship with our distributors that will prosper for years to come.

We have a vested interest in our distributors; your success is our success! In order to ensure this goal, we have developed a highly trained staff of professionals to assist you.

Our management software is the most efficient and user-friendly ever designed and the automated dispensers are extremely easy to use. If you can use an ATM, you can use our machines.

This program has been carefully designed to help you with every aspect of your business. Shortly after becoming a distributor our staff will contact you and begin the process of fine-tuning your business.


Customer Service Department: 
Polished professionals will guide you through the day-to-day operations of your distributorship. Our staff will provide training, basic installation, maintenance, support, assistance, and operational support.

Technical support will be administered over the phone and via the Internet which solves 95% of all problems. We offer a toll-free number so we can maintain a convenient working relationship with our distributors.

AED will supply you with all the essential tools you need to operate and organize your business in an efficient manner. Our staff will also recommend the best sources for products.

Okay… 🙂

In-House Location Assistance: 
Only high-traffic, established sites will be considered for your ‘Box Office Express’. You will have the opportunity to tour multiple sites before making your selection. Our service sets up site evaluations and you make the final decision.

Everything about the ‘Box Office Express’ has been designed to keep it as simplistic in nature as possible.

Our software management system allows you complete access via the Internet to manage the day to day issues and optimize the performance of your machine.

We will provide you with all the support necessary to ensure a profitable business for years to come.


Franchising Fee: $36,000.00

Okay Here is how this scam was run. . .

The company advertised on infomercials, local newspapers and franchise industry publications.

They sold the concept to consumers by promising them that they could work at home and the machines would generate $7,500 a month in income.

If someone called in, they would overnight a sales presentation to them and would follow up in a day or two with a high pitched sale to close the deal.

When customers asked for references, they were given contact information of other salespeople who were in on the scam.

One rep testified that he would be paid an extra $200 for posing as a satisfied customer, while another BOE sales rep bragged that he had spent over $30,000 on voice distortion and satellite phones so that it would be more difficult to track him down…

In total there were 16 employees at the company, but from the legal filings, it sounds like only 8 individuals may have been charged.

Once a fish was hooked, they would invite them to their office in Hollywood Florida where they would sign franchise paperwork and get the victim to wire money. – Source


The Top 10 Work At Home Business Opportunity Scams #6



  1. The only goodish thing that can be said about these scammers is they they do put their heart and soul into it, eh?

    What gets in these people’s heads to make them so uncaring of others they are scamming? It beats me!

    • Again SAD BUT TRUE!!
      This is the kind of noise that peeps NEED TO WATCH OUT FOR!! THESE GUYS ARE PRO’S!!
      They don’t care if you don’t make money or stick around, in fact, they are counting on the fact that you don’t!!
      Thanks again, Mr. Kish!! Always Amazing!!

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