Full Spectrum CBD Oil and Crystal Isolate

Full Spectrum CBD Oil and Crystal Isolate

Full Spectrum or Crystal Isolate?

One notable study regarding this came from the Lautenberg Center for General ETB CBD Tumor Immunology in Jerusalem.

The study examined the effectiveness of isolated CBD versus full-spectrum CBD extract. It concluded that CBD isolates yields a bell-curve of effectiveness (it becomes less effective after a certain point) while full-spectrum CBD continued to be effective in providing pain relief with an increase in dosage.

All of the tests performed for this study indicate that CBD isolate is only effective at a certain dose, while full-spectrum CBD continues to provide relief as the dosage goes up.

The study found even more interesting results; basically, that full-spectrum CBD extract has qualities that can aid in pain relief that isn’t found in common anti-inflammatory drugs.

In our experience, a full spectrum plant gives the Endocannabinoid system (ECS) the full cannabinoid profile of CBD, CBG, CBC, CBN, to substantiate the health claims.

We have over 120 cannabinoids in our CBD formulas which perfectly inhibits the CB2 receptors in the body. Other competitors claim to have a 99% purity which is usually in the form of “Isolate” or an “Extract.”

Although the purity level is higher, the body is only receiving CBD, not the full cannabinoid profile. CBD Isolate is cheaper to manufacture, and when the CBD is isolated, those products lose its effectiveness.

The Federal legal THC limit is .3%  – Our THC is level is .03 well below the federal limit of .1% and well below what is required to ship across state lines. 

CBD Oil Bioactivity and Bioavailability – Bio-availability is a buzzword in the CBD industry right now! It’s a marketing ploy. And It’s completely irrelevant!

Bio-availability just means that it increases the rate of absorption.

The fact of the matter is the faster it absorbs, the faster it leaves the system. The rate of absorption is not as important as the milligram count of active CBD in the formulation.

There have been known side effects from using nanotechnology and liposomes in the quick absorption of CBD. Tinctures and sublingual delivery have about 60-70% absorption rate.

The tincture market has the best and safest bio-availability which is why it’s become a viral product. Our blend is providing life-changing results. We have developed the finest CBD on the market with the greatest therapeutic potential.

Testing & Certifications – The kind of testing/analysis performed on the products. All of our products are manufactured in an FDA registered, FDA food registered, FDA approved, cGMP certified, and cruelty-free facility. We undergo extensive stability testing and can provide a Certificate of Analysis and Chromatography Test. Our products have been made using the purest, and most potent ingredients backed by clinical data and stability testing.

A Superior CBD Oil – Our products are non-GMO, organic, made in the USA, and very rich in the raw materials we use. Our customers are confident in our products because we utilize the full spectrum Cannabis plant which gets better results than others in the marketplace!

Products Safety – All our hemp crops are grown free of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides, so our quality starts with our hemp plants.

From the time our hemp oil is harvested to the manufacturing and shipping of our products, we test our hemp oil multiple times to ensure accuracy in potency information and to check for contaminants like pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, and mold, as well as cannabinoid content.

We also use a subcritical CO2 method when we extract our hemp oil, instead of harsh solvents. CO2 is a much healthier choice than other potential solvents and is “generally regarded as safe” (GRAS) by the FDA.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil and Crystal Isolate


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